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Workshop Aim and Objectives: 


·       Participants will be facilitated to reduce their isolation by engaging their peers, to activate their energy and reclaim their power

·       Use techniques of yoga, dance, mindfulness and breathing to facilitate their positive engagement with their environment and their inner-self to improve their health and self-esteem

·       Create a safe and confidential space in which these women can share their experience and learn together

·       Provide methods participants can use so that they can become empowered and able to make their own decisions about life, relationships and purpose

Workshop outcomes: 


by the end of these sessions participants will have:

·       Used yoga, dance, mindfulness and breathing to increase their openness and personal power and empowering them to regain their own health and self-esteem

·       Better social networks and support groups

·       Increased knowledge through information exchange and peer learning.

·       Reduced isolation by engaging with other women

·       Have better understanding about their inner-self and have better skills to make positive engagements with their surroundings

·       To learn more about using yoga as a tool to relax and activate their body’s power in daily life

·       Getting familiar with different techniques of mindfulness and breathing to better mental health

·       To begin to increase body strength in the participants

·       To increase energy levels so participants can achieve more in the sessions

·       Greater body-mind awareness and improved concentration

·       A feeling of sisterhood through the support of the group

·       Improved self-confidence 

·       Feel more grounded, with balanced energy in mind and body

·       Have created new friendships through these social interactions

·       Benefit from increased social cohesion through the group, ready to open up in the wider community

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